What Makes Us Special

Han Ho Martial Arts provides superior training in Traditional Martial Arts including, Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Haedong Kumdo. Han Ho 2 goes beyond that and offers a space that can accommodate Mixed Martial Arts. We are also known for instruction of local police authorities in our exclusive Police Defensive Tactics Program offering intensive and practical situational training for Officers.

From beginner on through to advanced, whether you are looking for a Traditional school, MMA, or Self Defense skills that will take you to the next level, Han Ho can be the place for you...

We respect each student as an individual and help them to achieve their personal best. Each student is empowered to realize their full potential at their own pace to develop confidence, skills, and character. 

We approach the Martial Arts as a unity of mind, body, and spirit. We teach respect and discipline in a nurturing team environment. Not only will you get into better physical shape, you will develop stronger mental focus and concentration. You will learn a skill that can perhaps save your life or that of a loved one.

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

A 2nd School Is Born...

With Han Ho Martial Arts (HH1), Slate Hill being an already established school and receiving much success...we decided to open a second location in 2016. The 2nd location would be 30 minutes away in the Village of Walden in the newly renovated Thruway Shopping Center (behind Hannaford's in the same building as Anytime Fitness). It would be named: Han Ho Martial Arts & Secret Weapon MMA, or Han Ho II (HH2). It would also include a major difference  ... HH1's setting is that of a more "traditional" setting, having a small plant garden, a water feature, bamboo placed in every other corner and other Asian artifacts here and there to exude that feeling of zen. 

HH2 on the other hand is a hybrid training facility offering both the Traditional Martial Arts, AND Mixed Martial Arts. There's even a partition as well as color scheme to separate the two, and if you look to the left once inside this 5,000 sq. ft. facility, you'll see part of our above ground Event Series Octagon peering over the partition sitting just on the other side. 

Programs Offered - The Same, But Different

At HH1, Slate Hill, one can expect to be trained in the Korean Traditional Martial Arts of: Taekwondo, Hapkido and Kumdo (the way of the sword) *Kumdo is only being offered at HH1 at this time.     www.hanhomartialarts.com

At HH2, Walden, the same Traditional Martial Arts are offered in addition to having an opportunity to delve into some Mixed Martial Arts. One of our newer classes being added to the schedule is a Women's Only Kickboxing class coming this October!

Tae Kwon Do

Taekwondo is a Korean unarmed Martial Art. In Korean, Tae means: "to strike or break wth foot"; Kwon means: "to strike or break with fist"; and Do means: "way", "method", or "art". Thus, Taekwondo may be loosely translated as "the way of kicking and punching". The main goal of the Taekwondo practitioner is to achieve total mind and body control through training. This training includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches and strikes as well as various take-downs and sweeps. Traditional Taekwondo combines combat techniques, self-defense, sport, exercise, meditation, and philosophy. TKD has been an Olympic event since 2000.

Hap Ki Do

Hapkido is a Martial Art that emphasizes circular motion, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength. Hapkido also contains both long and close range fighting techniques utilizing dynamic kicking and percussive hand strikes. Hapkido can be translated as "The Way of Coordinated Energy." It is built on the 3 principles of Flowing Water, Circles and Harmony.


Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. MMA encompasses disciplines from various Martial Arts and Olympic sports, such as: Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Judo, and Hapkido. As an evolving sport, we at Secret Weapon MMA work to create a solid foundation from already proven fighting techniques/strategies after which we implement techniques from Martial Art styles that are new and on the cutting edge in this arena. 

Haedong Kumdo

Haedong Kumdo is a Korean Martial Art that draws from battlefield tactics and techniques to build a curriculum for mental, physical, and spiritual development. The origin of Haedong Kumdo is from the military system of Kokurye, which dates back to 1,500 years ago in Korea. H.K. is based on real techniques for field combat - one warrior against many, with a real sword. It was the Korean understanding of warfare that laid the foundations for the Japanese Samurai. Kumdo literally means, "sword way". 

*We teach forms, sparring, and cutting techniques utilizing Jukdos (bamboo sword), Mukgums (wooden sword), Gakkums (dull steel sword), and ultimately - Jingums (real sword). A minimum age of 13 years old is required to attend this class.

Women's Kickboxing & Conditioning

Coming in October, this much anticipated, and in demand class will be a mix of Kickboxing and HIIT (high intensity interval training)! Classes are 35 minutes: 5 minutes to warm up, and the rest to sweat and get into the shape of your life! Be prepared to learn proper punching and kicking techniques!


Defensive Tactics  for the Law Enforcement Community - National, Federal, Local Police, Corrections, and Security Detail.

Because no department, city or town faces the same issues, we tailor the sessions to fit the specific needs of your department. It is designed to provide Officers with techniques to affect an arrest while maintaining safety and minimizing injury. Proven and carefully chosen techniques are presented in a comprehensive manner and taught in a highly interactive setting. 

Control of the opponent is emphasized using pain compliance and avoiding the use of strength against strength, resulting in little or no damage to the attacker.

Situational training sequences are demonstrated against a multitude of scenarios. By providing the most effective means of defense in the quickest manner possible, the Officer is taught close quarter supremacy skills that ultimately become reflex.

"Han Ho Martial Arts provides an effective Defensive Tactics Training Program that is tailored to the rigorous physical and legal demands that Officers confront during the course of their duties. The training further reinforces the importance of developing strong mental clarity and professional composure enabling Officers to remain calm and make effective decisions to minimize or defuse confrontational situations, resorting absolutely necessary." 

~Chief William Worden, Port Jervis, NY

"The training is presented in a manner easily understood by the Officers and applicable to situations Police Officers face doing their jobs every day."             

~Chief Stephen Bogert, Washingtonville, NY

Master Mike Barnard and his team have been the D.T. choice for the Port Jervis Police Department for the past 9 years. Master Barnard's Law Enforcement work also includes training current members of the F.B.I., NYPD, State Police, and Orange County Police Academy to name a few. 

Included in this mix is also a Practical Self Defense Program for Women. This program has been featured at a number of events such as:

-Association with Rape Crisis Services at Orange County Community College's "Practical Self Defense for Women" 

-Women in Corrections- "Diamonds in the Rough" training for the Shawangunk Correctional Facility

-Port Jervis Citywide Neighborhood Watch Committee "Self Defense for Women"


Compare our membership packages to find the best fit for you. We also offer discounts for immediate family members training together: $20 off monthly rate for 2nd family member and $50 off monthly rate for 3rd family member! 

Traditional Monthly Membership


Per Month

Traditional Package: Includes UNLIMITED training in both the separate arts of: Taekwondo & Hapkido at HH2.  

Also Kumdo at HH1, Slate Hill 

Cubs: 30-40 Minute Classes

Ages 4-7

Tigers: 50 Minute Classes

Ages 8-12

Teens/Adults: 60 Minute Classes

Ages 13 +

*Private Lessons are available upon request for both 30 & 60 minute sessions


MMA Monthly Membersip


Per Month

MMA Package: training on the Mixed Martial Arts side including, Kickboxing, Grappling/Wrestling, & Muay Thai. Classes are currently forming!

A session can run anywhere between 1 hr and 1 hr and 30 minutes

Our MMA side includes an above ground Event Series Octagon! Members will be included in Octagon training...!

*Our MMA side requires a minimum age of 15 to train - however younger ages will be considered based on experience, and skill. This may require a try out. 


Dual monthly Membership


Per Month

Allows UNLIMITED  training in both the Traditional Arts, as well as the Mixed Martial Arts.


What our members are saying

Great school with two locations. A very good choice of curriculum. The instructors are caring and top notch!  Master Barnard is always on the floor.


Great training and mentorship. Positive encouragement and lots of different options.


I love training here! Best instructors in the world!


My 4 year old son loves going to his classes! His instructors Ethan and owner Kim are so amazing with him and patient! He literally cried one day when we couldn't go to class! We highly recommend going here for all ages!